When you were a new-born, 
life was different then.
My arms would hold you tight,
Sometimes hours on end.
I remember singing softly,
So only you could hear.
It always got your attention.
stopping any tears.
As my heart grew bigger,
I never wanted you to fear.
Anything in life,
that may suddenly appear.
I would watch you,
holding your little hand.
And when I did let go
I began to understand.
For you
to make your own way,
you also had a plan.
I hope I’ve not failed you.
By giving
the tools you need,
to face life in your own way
with the power to succeed.
It’s not about
fame and fortune
as we both know
that’s make believe.
If you are not happy son,
theres nothing to conceive.
It’s time to have adventures,
all on your own.
You know where I am,
never feel alone.
The world is a far smaller place,
with so many things to see.
I sometimes wish....
I was with you
for the diversity.
But this is not about me
or the love we share.
I am writing to tell you
how much I care.
Some time,
write a little diary.
Put a photo on Instagram.
Tell me what’s happening,
any way you can.
all the experiences
and when you come home.
Tell me face to face again,
it’s better than the phone.
I’m so excited for you.
To see your dreams come true.
One thing is for sure,
I’m always so proud of you…..

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