My Skin & Blister

IMG_1604Have you met my skin and blister?

For those that don’t know that’s

My little sister.

Jumping out of bedroom windows, nicking fags while mum played bingo.

Dancing at discos to Hall and Oates, always ahead of me in her taste of coats.

To be honest fashion was never my thing, but she is still there to tell me what to bring.

I’ve borrowed her clothes and makeup to boot.

She just raises an eyebrow,

“Don’t worry it’s old toot”

Within minutes I feel like a brand new woman. With her wardrobe on my back, back in the day I could be pulling.

We are two very different people, from the root of the same tree.

And she has never done anything to disappoint me.

In good times and bad she’s always been there, a shoulder to cry on and a gracious air.

Over the years families have grown, making new trees and sprouting our own.

We have had our share of rollercoasters, both emotional and fun.

She is always there for me when the day is done. Even when purse strings have been tight and I’ve wrestled with solutions throughout the night.

For her family comes first and without hesitation she is able to disburse…….

Any fears and worries that I’ve had.

After a conversation with her,

they don’t feel that bad.

She is the strength in our family tree and that’s why I know her fridge is always open for me. 😜

I love you little sis with all my heart and not a day goes by that I would want to restart.

We’ve had laughs and tears along the way and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the words you manage to say.

Whether it’s a word of warning or a pat on the back.

I always feel at peace, and back on track.

You are the moon to my stars and I’m so grateful to say, Happy birthday little sis, my best friend in every way.

3 responses to “My Skin & Blister”

  1. Love this Debbie although I think you overdid the praise! I can say that as she’s sitting next to me 😂😂

    1. I know where my bread is buttered 😜

  2. Yes usually from my fridge! – 😍

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